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Is The Karma Institute for-profit or non-profit?
  Why do you charge for your subscriptions?

The Karma Institute is an Oregon limited liability corporation, working towards the status of a benefit company. We believe for-profit organizations should operate with the same degree of integrity as non-profits and we intend to do so.
  Primarily, we believe, as does Warren Buffet, it is important for people to have skin in the game. It ensures a greater level of commitment to provide a sustainable crowd funding source without the influence of donations or financial support from special interest groups.  We want our members to feel a part of the growth of The Karma Institute and be proud of the grass roots growth we have attained.  After all, isn’t that the essence of a rEvolution.

Do corporations have a place in your source of revenue?

  Where do your subscription fees go?
We fully intend to support individuals, non-profits and for-profits that are doing good work in the world and making significant contributions to creating a conscious planet.  We intend to acknowledge and support all contributors that seek to operate from high standards of integrity and seek to live good karma. We will not accept contributions from corporations that might impair our ability to make sound decisions. The advent of B Corps demonstrates that corporations can do amazing things with their resources.  It's simply a choice.
  We are very committed to the notion of self-funding.  We know it makes a difference to our members when they see their contributions growing and funding good projects.  For the first 2-3 years, our projections account for 40% of the membership dues to go to managing the growth of The Bkarma2 rEvolution through staffing- paying for hard working contributors that keep the wheels rolling. The balance of the 60% will be directed to local communities and regional, national and international events. See Crowd Funding. Consideration will be given to the size of the local community initiating a project, the membership of that global cause and the votes received from the membership as a whole. This will be adjusted as we evolve and grow.  Imagine what we could do with one million passionate paying members? The majority of the funds can be DIRECTED to funding worthy projects initiated by YOU.  That’s where it gets very, very exciting.
How are you different from other similar organizations?
How do people benefit the most from joining the Bkarma2 rEvolution?
From the onset, we decided that our projects had to be attainable and measurable.  It’s not enough to say we want to feed the hungry or petition others to do so.  We want to attain a specific benchmark in achieving a realistic goal.  In addition, we believe the power of a movement is the number of people that believe in the cause and have leadership they can get behind. The Bkarma2 premise is to match needs with expertise.  We are gathering the brightest minds, individuals with years of expertise in their given field, and making them available in a streamline “talent and attributes” database.  For-profits, non-profits, and aspiring visionaries can call upon this database and solicit the support of experts to make things happen: get results.  I’m not sure any other similar organization offers that level of commitment when creating global think tanks, self-funded by members around the globe.  
  Most importantly, the strength of the database is dependent on having a comprehensive database.  PLEASE take the time to complete your profile fully and accurately.  Becoming a member implies that you are willing to embrace a lifestyle of Living Good KarmaBy joining, you are benefiting in a big way because you are contributing to the self-funding of your unique project(s) or those that you choose to align with. See Crowd Funding.  For the cost of a latte per month, you can be a part of a much bigger picture where the number of participants and the growing sources of income can make a real difference.  Form an Alliance.  Get involved. Launch a Movement or just simply Connect with people in your area and find shared areas of interest.  Our membership database will provide access to all the membership types and provide ways to match the talents, attributes, philosophical interests, activities and professional expertise so you can align perfectly with like-minded individuals and create a balanced lifestyle in the process.   Communicate with others in your area of interest via forums, blogs and emails. Consider getting involved in a local community.  Attend our local events and international conferences.  Know that your membership is making a big difference in tipping the scales to social change around the world.  
 How exactly does the self-funding work?
  Can anyone use the talents and attributes database?


It all starts in the local communities.  Once a geographical area reaches a specified number of individuals interested in a specific issue, they can initiate their own Global Movement or align with an existing project.  The community coordinator will serve on the international committee spear-heading campaigns for their specific issue.  A proposal will be submitted to The Karma Institute Board of Advisors and put to a vote by the entire membership for approval and appropriation of funds. See Crowd Funding. In addition to their community-initiated launch, a Conscious Planet Conference will be held to share these projects and garner support and momentum, first on an annual basis and then semi-annually when appropriate.
   No.  It is reserved for Alliance, Non-profit, For-profit, and Intentional Community Members only.
Where will these Conscious Planet Conferences be held?
Ideally, the conferences will be held in regions that are affected by the proposed projects where participants can have a first-hand experience of the benefits of the projects.  They will also be televised for internet viewing.  It is also important to note that we intend these conferences to be highly educational, collaborative, AND recreational for our enjoyment to elevate our intuitive energies and heart’s intelligence.