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Good Karma is by Choice, Not by Chance.
Doing the right thing is challenging because it is often easier not to. I have not achieved perfection in living a flawless life of Good Karma, but I'm trying.  I don't expect others to reach perfection either but I would invite you to TRY.  As a member of The Karma Institute, I am asking that you make a daily effort to raise your personal consciousness so that we may build a global consciousness. 
Please accept this OATH as an initial step to Living a Life of Good Karma:
I agree to be mindful of my thoughts and actions on a daily basis. 
To trust my Inner Knowledge to make conscious decisions for the benefit of all.
To treat others with random acts of kindness.
To be the caretaker of this earth and have my actions reflect my responsibility to this task.
To accept differences and work towards collaboration vs. separation.
To Live my Life to its fullest potential, recognizing that is my gift to the world.