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The Bkarma2 rEvolution

A Call for a Conscious,
Peaceful, Non-Violent

As Mahatma Gandi once said,

     "You must be the Change
  you wish to see in the World."

We have become way too complacent. With the recent election, we got a HUGE wake-up call.  It is time to launch a peaceful, non-violent rEvolution for Change. KarmaTALKS is a hub for conversation and activism but doing so from a conscious perspective.  By collaborating with Non-Profit Organizations and Movements building momentum across America, we can ALL come together to amass an unstoppable force for a future we can believe in.

It is time for all of us to stand up to the injustices that we face and be the Voice for Change. This world is OURS to influence, govern, protect and defend. Don't wait.  Start now!

Learn, Grow, Expand and Articulate your Passion for Change.

Bkarma2 rEvolution YouTube

It takes a Village,
The Good Karma Village!

The Karma Institute is a membership community that encourages like-minded individuals with shared interests to interact and collaborate. For less than $5 per month, your Membership is an investment in yourself and in our future. You will be rewarded with a interactive support system of forums, videos, and a searchable membership base that will encourage you to become a better you, thereby creating a better WE.
Lend your talents, skills and passion...

We are actively looking for individuals to Act upon their Interests and Passion and contribute their time in any one or more of the opportunities below. 

Forum Coordinators
Activists, advocates, bloggers, passionate truth seekers welcome to coordinate any one or more of our Forum Topics. Direct the dialogue, introduce articles, videos and Your Personal Opinion in leading a compelling conversation that informs and ignites a desire to create real change.

Writers/Journalists/News Reporters
Experienced or enthusiastic writers and news reporters encouraged to submit comments on our Forums and KarmaTALKS YouTube Channel.  Submit your video commentary on any number of pressing issues facing us in this Modern World. Demonstrate your expertise on a subject and we'll be happy to let you take the lead.

Documentary Filmmakers
We want to hear about your socially conscious documentaries that inform us of the untold truths.  Let us support your exposure by featuring your documentary film on any of the existing topics listed under Forums.

Think Tank Advocates and Ambassador's of Good Karma
KarmaTALKS YouTube Channel's includes videos featuring experts in given fields to share a conversation of solutions to contemporary issues challenging our Modern World.  Our Ambassador program is designed to have key individuals advocate for conscious solutions and keep in check our current system.  Be the change!

Email your Interests to

No time like the Present to Jump In. 

Be the Change